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SMUN    1    Pamekasan    and    PDF    in    Action

Assalaamu'alaykum Wr Wb.

Welcome to the official homepage of Pamekasan DotNet Forum (PDF). Weither or not you are the alumnus of SMUN 1 Pamekasan, please feel free to navigate in here.

Actually, PDF is a forum that is mainly developed by SMU 1 Pamekasan (Madura Island, East Java). At the first time, the forum works to encourage and support civities of SMUN 1 Pamekasan in being the part of global network of Knowledge sharing on the Web, that is Internet.

However, our mission is commonly aimed to develop Indonesian Human Resources in all field, but we start it by stepping from our community first. Madura, especially Pamekasan can be grouped to a community that almost do not know how a fast growth this global community is. PDF cares so much about this, so that we try to initiate a new Internet facility for civities of SMUN 1 Pamekasan, called Internet Access Point.

The first project have been running since July of Y2K and is now under donation process. Donaturs are welcome.

If you want to join our group/team, please subscribe for our mailing list by sending an empty email to: The archive is located at:

Please notice that our mission is not limited to develop SMU 1 Pamekasan. We will be so happy in making association with another institutuon that move in social project.

OK, it's enough for a front page. :) Any comments is welcome. Please sign our guestbook or contact us.

Best Regard

PDF Team